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Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series


Foundational Faith In Truth Series

will  contain twelve books.

Book One: In The Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series 

The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: 

Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ 

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

Book Two: In The Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: 

Creates Good Christian Conduct 

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

"True faith always sees victory ahead!
A victorious attitude has unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. Truth opens the door to hope and freedom."
Joan Jessalyn Cox

The Foundational Faith in Truth Series are books on a mission to bring all Christians together in Jesus Christ. To revive full faith in Jesus Christ and to raise the moral standards to become like Jesus in all His ways.
The books I'm writing needs to be read not placed on a shelf. They need to be read to help people to be nourished in God's great truth. Jesus Christ's commandments are written in His wisdom and by His grace, they are to be understood in truth.
It's not enough just to read the instructions on how to fix something, you have to understand them and go by those Bible guidelines to make something right, where it will work well. The guidelines in the Holy Bible are there, straight from God to Holy men of old, who could hear from heaven. The Holy Bible's absolute truth is accurate in all it states.
The Bible's interpretation is only corrupted by the unfiltered minds of humanity that contains too much “nonsense and filth” of man-made ignorance to interpret it correctly. Too many interpretations contain too much error, rather than Holy Spirit revelation truth.
Humanity tried to interpret the word of God, and failed because you can't mix truth with error and turn it into truth. False directions does not get you where you want to go!
The foundational faith in truth series is to strengthen the “body of Christ” in the full value of God's truth. The books in the series are to revive faith in Jesus Christ and to bring all spiritually hungry Christians into Spiritual Maturity so they can fulfill God's will for their life.
The Foundational Faith In Truth Series of books are written to help every beloved believer in Jesus Christ to achieve their best through his merciful love and to have rest and peace in their heart before Jesus Christ returns for his family.
The purpose of the Foundational Faith in Truth series is to educate people to the sound complete truth of God's word. They will receive clear understanding of the principles of God's truth for their growth into spiritual maturity.
Christians will receive much more than they have in all their previous training, through this series of books for foundational Bible studies. The explanation of scriptures will be more understandable, and you will discover a deeper truth, as the points are verified by scriptures. Believers will receive spiritual counseling along with their understanding of scriptures.
The mission for the books is to help the whole “Body of Christ” to move into that perfect harmony of hope, love and revival by the fullness of faith in Jesus Christ. To become all that Jesus Christ intended them to be within his absolute truth, and according to his Holy Spirit of truth.
The mission for the books is to help improve believer's faith for a good relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to improve their Christian Conduct in their relationship building with other people.
When Christians study the books in Foundational Faith In Truth Series by Joan Jessalyn Cox they will learn how to be transformed by God's absolute truth, to love and serve Jesus Christ His way. 

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Five Star Review

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ:

Creates Good Christian Conduct

by Joan Jessalyn Cox is the second book in the Foundational Faith in Truth Series, a compelling work that prompts readers to look past their capacity to endure and embrace the strength that flows from believing. This book offers a road map to genuine spiritual growth and shows readers how their relationship with God, one that is deeply rooted in the desire to know God better and to transform the knowledge of Him into practical life, can become a catalyst for a transformed and inspired life. The author considers one of the most challenging areas of the  life of the Christian - trial. She explores the nature of the  challenges that readers encounter in  their journey of faith, and offers compelling advice on  how to use such challenges to deepen their understanding of God's word and to achieve victory.

There are so many powerful and Inspiring passages in this book and readers will enjoy the masterful use of biblical references. One has no doubt that author writes from a place of personal encounter with the Living Word, a place where she's experienced the transforming power of God's truth. I found some points to be very revelatory, such as: "We only have victory when we have overcoming faith in Jesus Christ to reveal to us the reason for the problem and how to handle it better the next time." 

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct is well-written and the writing style is simple and conversational, making its message very accessible. Joan Jessalyn Cox knows how to reach readers, addressing them where they most have the need, and talking about realities that will help them deepen their spiritual life.


Foundational Faith In Truth Series is not for everyone. This exciting series of books are for people who have been seeking to learn much more of the scriptures of the Holy Bible. They hunger and thirst for the profound truth with clear understanding of God's words where they can increase in faith.

There is untold strength in Jesus Christ waiting for you when you read, hear and know the truth of the scriptures.

Here is a quote from the book in prelaunch.

"Greater knowledge of the Bible never depreciates over time, it just increases your spiritual value as your faith and desire to know more about Jesus Christ increases your spiritual growth."  Joan Jessalyn Cox

Look for the second book 

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ

Joan Jessalyn Cox


Prelaunching A New Book Takes A Major Effort From All Those Who Enjoy And Appreciates An Author's Writing Style and Voice

I will deeply appreciate your help in spreading the good word about our bible study book series. But how can you know and grow through accessing the truth for your spiritual growth, and for others until you start to read the books?

I need good honest reviews, as all good authors do. Please support your favorite authors by taking a little time to write how you honestly feel about their book.

 Bookstores order their books to keep in stock according to the perception of how well received an author's work is in demand by the public. They can only know what you like about a book and why you like it, if you write an honest review of the book.

I need reviews for our first book to be written on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and at your favorite bookstore.

If indeed, the doctrinal truth of Jesus Christ and all his wonderful ways and principles are seen more clearly after you read each book. If you can begin to see a new you from it's meaningful advice for sound Christian Living, please help us spread the good news for each book in the Foundational Faith In Truth  series.

Please join us in getting others excited about the Prelaunch of each book, when they become available. 

Review the book to let us and the world, know in what way it affected your thinking and your life. We need your reviews at the source of purchase which is your favorite bookstore.

As an author and a teacher I deeply appreciate all your effort in spreading the word about my book series. I thank you  for  your help in reviews and promoting my books on social media.

I want to encourage you to do the same  for all the other good books and authors you want to help review and promote! 

Thanks in behalf of all good authors! Because you care, good books and good authors survive to  write another good book.

Foundational Faith In Truth Bible Study Series has produced two excellent books so far, with three more in various stage of development.

They are clearly  laid out and books you will want to read again and  again, because of the excellent teaching, inspiration and motivation to get ready to be your best before the Lord Jesus Christ delivers you out of the worst part of the tribulation.

The teaching is the closest to the full gospel you  can find. There is untold profound truth  to make you strong in perilous times.

In January I will  begin the Bible Study classes free on the Internet. I will teach from my Bible Study books.

Memorable Quotes

Quotes from Book One in the Foundational Faith In Truth Series

“To love one another means to have compassionate concern and care for all people. It is to know the value of living a good life, and of adding value to others life. It produces a meaningful life!”  ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

“Truth from the Holy Bible is to produce accurate precepts for sound minds to know how to live a moral upright life and to survive together in peace.” ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

 “We are always seekers of truth—desiring mind-changing, life-changing information to show us the way in life, business, or religion. We seek sound truth that we desperately need to reach our personal excellence. Personal excellence in a Christian is to know and abide in God’s truth, not in a weak interpretation.” 

~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

Free To Do What?

"We should never try to make our children over in our image, or an imagined state of what we consider perfect for them. They have their own God-given personality specifically designed so they can express themselves to the world. 

   We are not talking about the lack of leadership and discipline as some teach today regarding freedom of expression. That type of freedom can create chaotic thinking and living. The so-called freedom of expression of the world, turns children into an unholy environment of evil and tells them to do anything that comes into their mind and that is freedom.  

  They are left without guidance, or any form of protection, they push them into the hellish life that is exploding around them, and tell them to do anything they want to do. That is not freedom that is fatal neglect  from anyone that is supposed to love and care for the child. 

Children need to feel the nurturing love of their parents, or other caring people, to guide them away from destructive thinking and actions. While carefully guiding them, we must allow the individual to bring forth, their God-given talents, gifts and good expressions that will represent who they are meant to be.

   People must first find themselves, to discover their own individuality. That individuality can be covered up, by coming under the influence of the strongest personality of someone in their life. If they come under complete control of someone else it will damage them, that dominant control will rob them of developing their own individuality, and keep them in bondage to their dominant control.

    They will become dependent and helpless, sometimes to the point that they can't live comfortably in life, and they become self-made outcasts. Family members can manipulate other family members, under the belief that they are doing it out of love, that domination becomes harmful, instead of helpful.

    Trying to be like someone else can be harmful. Every individual should learn to accept themselves as they really are, not a carbon copy of someone else. So, you should accept yourself to make peace with who you are as an individual. You must never remake yourself into what someone else wants you to be. You should learn to love yourself. You need to love being who you really are, and accept your unique personality."                         Joan Jessalyn Cox  

Excerpt from Book Two in the Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series.

 Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct          

Quotes from Book Two in the Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series

“Victorious attitude is a higher moral behavior that reflects the righteous personality of Jesus Christ. Good moral living makes it easy to follow Jesus Christ. It’s time to stand up for Jesus Christ!” ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

“Your faith in Jesus Christ proves the precepts in God’s truth works to change your life experiences. When good people do nothing evil abounds!”  ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

 “When you serve Jesus sincerely, you change your conduct to reflect Jesus Christ’s moral decency standards. It takes more of God’s truth to be spiritually sufficient to make a difference in yourself, others and the world.”  ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

Reader's Favorite  Five Star Book Review

"Inspired by the message of the Bible, Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct is the kind of a book that teaches readers the core message of the Bible and shows how the message can transform their  lives, allowing them to experience victories through the one who has conquered the world for them. The book is written in a conversational style and it is packed with references that substantiate the  authors message. The reader is left in no doubt that  they are reading from and expert in the Scriptures. The confidence in  the writing comes  across powerfully; the texts are well arranged to read with fluidity. This is a very inspiring book that explains how our conduct can derive from the faith we share in Jesus, and how this faith can determine the levels of  success in our life, our relationships, and our business. Joan Jessalyn Cox message is timely  and revolutionary."

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for  Readers Favorite Professional Reviewers Rating - 5 Stars

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 Quotes from Book One in the Foundational Faith In Truth Book Series

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    “Ask and you shall receive!” 


 The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

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Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: 

Creates Good Christian Conduct                                 By Joan Jessalyn Cox          

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