Faith In Truth Book Series

Joan Jessalyn Cox Says

"Greater knowledge of the Bible never depreciates over time, it just increases your personal worth. When you understand God's words your faith and desire to grow spiritually increases."  Quote from:

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: 

Creates Good Christian Conduct

by Joan Jessalyn Cox

The second book in the series soon to be released into prelaunch phase.

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"Love is essential in man's relationship with God and humanity. Christ's love within a Christian comes forth naturally from a heart that's firmly planted with the seeds of truth from the Word of God."      Quote from:

The Spirit of Truth Is Power:

Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ

by Joan Jessalyn  Cox

The First Book In The Series

Foundational Faith in Truth Series

Testimonial For First Book: The Spirit Of Truth is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ

"This book was such a pleasure to read. It reminds us how important studying and focusing on the truth helps us share the fruits of the Spirit with all we meet. It gives others a glimpse into the abundant, grace filled life followers of Christ enjoy. We are reminded of Jesus compassionate companionship in his love and support of us." Elizabeth Foster


Questions Answered in Book One of the series.

Questions answered in the first book of the series.

Book One: The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ 

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

• What is Truth?

• Why is knowing the truth necessary?

• Why is the word absolute so discretionary in studying the Bible?

• Why is there contradiction, controversy and conflict on whether there is absolute truth In the Bible?

• What did Jesus mean when he said there will come a day when they will worship me in spirit and in truth?

• Why was Jesus called the “word”?

• Did Jesus ever sin?

• What are the two foundational principles found in the Bible that every Christian needs to know and do to grow spiritually?

• What life-changing information has been lost in translation to you?

• What is the most essential thing you need for spiritual growth?

• How does the “filth and nonsense of the world’s conversation” in a person's mind effect the translation of the truth of a matter?

• How does the moral conflict between “good and evil” affect you, and others around you?

• What is the greatest activity in opposition to “good deeds” in the world?

• What is the greatest weapon against the enemy ever formed?

• Who do you pray to? And how should you pray?

• Who is Jesus Christ? 

• What is God-given true love that God expects to be evident in his people?

• What are the distinguishing characteristics of God?

• What is abundant life?

• What does Grace mean in the Bible?

• What is the Sovereignty of God?

You will have much more in-depth instruction in the First book in the series, since this is only part of the book's questions that are to be answered.

Questions Answered in Book Two of the series.

Get this book if you need answers to your questions about Jesus Christ and your Christian journey in life. Learn more about the Bible than you knew before when you begin reading each book in the Foundational Faith In Truth Book series.

Here are some of the questions answered in Book Two in the series. 

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct

by Joan Jessalyn Cox

  • What will cause you to see victory coming forth in the future?
  • What will keep you from fearing the dreadful things that are happening around the world?
  • What do you need in your life to reflect the whole personality of Jesus Christ?
  • How can you know you are a Christian?
  • How do you overcome evil?
  • Do people know when they are not a Christian?
  • Does Christianity effect every Christian the same way?
  • What does the Bible meant when it says, "running the race with patience"?
  • What is true repentance? Why do you have to repent to be saved?
  • What does scripture say "sin" actually means?
  • Can anyone ever really quit sinning a little in life?
  • What can I do to keep from sinning?
  • What is perfect peace in Jesus Christ?
  • What is "moral protection"?
  • What determines "mental soundness"?
  • What does the soundness of a person's mind have to do with their ability to teach the truth of the Bible?
  • What is the test of truth? How do you prove the truth?
  • What forms your "core belief system"?
  • What is a religious nature? Does everyone have a religious nature?
  • What are idols in the mind? How do people set up idols in their mind?
  • What is your personal warning system and how does it warn you of danger?
  • What happens when you compromise your integrity?

Search the scriptures and faith will come to you!